In the past, consultants were better known as advisors and that was their job: to advise people. Their expertise and knowledge was usually just limited to specific areas and were called upon by businesses that had related issues. Today consultants have increased their service and competitiveness by getting their hands dirty from being involved in the actions that have been advised by them. Most consultants have also developed general business knowledge so that they can be used in many areas of the business. These people now form around 90% of all consultants cut the time, cost, and risk of transforming your business

The right architecture. The right infrastructure. The right solutions. You know the technological requirements for transforming your company into a market leader, an innovator, a groundbreaker. However, technology alone is not enough to deliver business advantages. Today, you need to get to market faster with higher-quality services; drive down costs while improving the quality of your network services; and reduce the risks of implementing new technologies. You need more than hardware and software. You need a partner that can help you execute on your strategy. Quickly. Correctly. Cost-efficiently. Anywhere in the world.

With deep technology expertise, broad service offerings, and global experience serving enterprises of all types and sizes, NASTAC Consultant Services is the best choice for companies looking to reduce the time, cost, and risk of transforming their business with technology. Our expert consultants can help you with every phase of developing and deploying the innovative services that will give your company sustained business advantages--maximizing return on investment (ROI) while minimizing total cost of ownership (TCO).

NASTAC Consultants - your trusted advisor and partner:

Wherever you are on your road to designing, implementing, and managing a more agile, robust, future-ready technology platform, you can depend on NASTAC Professional Services to help you take the next step successfully. By leveraging the expertise of NASTAC consultants, your company can achieve:

- Faster time to market and time to business impact through our core competence in network computing, use of best practices, iterative methodologies and patterns, and best-of-breed force partner network

- Lower deployment risk and increased control through rapid prototyping, use of development patterns, and active mentoring of your IT staff

- Lower overall cost of solution ownership through a holistic approach to designing architectures, expertise in pure-play technologies, and use of open standards.

- Uniquely capable of delivering end-to-end technology solutions

NASTAC Consultancy stands apart from other consulting organizations with the:
- Depth of our technology expertise

- Quality of our tools and methodologies

- Level of dedication we bring to mentoring your IT staff

- Calibre and breadth of our relationships with partners

- Most importantly, our ability to reduce implementation risk by meeting your specific business and technical requirements

Whether you are looking to build and deploy breakthrough architecture or simply implement your new technology, NASTAC consultants will bring unmatched technology skills and responsive service to your technology project.

Different consultants are used for different situations and they can be put into two main categories: the expert consultant and the process consultant.

An Expert NASTAC Consultant will have specific expertise in a certain field of business. This will include:

- Financial Planning

- Strategic Planning

- Marketing

- Research

- Training

- Business Planning

- Business Review

- Computing

- Integration of New Technology

- Advisory

Their knowledge will be specific to the task in concern and they will usually do the job without your input. They will be employed until the task has been completed and are usually consulted to solve short-term problems. For example, it may be the set up of a computerized stock control, or completing parts of your marketing plan that you have little knowledge about.

A Process Consultant will have general business knowledge and so they can be used in most cases. They will offer and share their advice to all those in the business and will get involved in solving the issue. Process Consultants will be employed as an ongoing long-term solution to a task and so they are particularly useful for developing and changing your business.

Their service will also give an independent view of your business which will provide a different prospective of how issues can be solved. In addition, with their experience of working with other businesses, they will be able to relate your issues to those they may have already encountered.

The process consultant will work alongside you and view the business as a whole instead of targeting certain issues too specifically. Your employees should also be given the time to work with the consultant so they can put forward their ideas which can be analyzed and discussed. This is all part of the process that will solve problems to their maximum effect. During this time, your employees will benefit from new ways of approaching problems, which will increase the power of your work force for future problem solving.

It needs to be made clear that process consultants are not there to take the role and responsibility away from you; they are used to help you with your problems by offering their solutions and advice.

What to expect from a NASTAC Consultant:

When you use a consultant, you expect them to perform to their maximum ability (as you would any of your employees). You would also require them to get involved in the issues as much as possible. Here is a list of some of the things you should expect from a NASTAC Consultant:

- A will to work with everyone in the business to help him or her reach his or her maximum effectiveness.

- A respect for your business culture and the way it operates.

- A commitment to continuously build their own skills/knowledge in your business.

- The motivation to determine the best solution to the issues.

- Identifying and Relating to the Problem

Although our consultant will know things about your business that you have already told them, they will want to know as much as they can by collecting information themselves. To do this, they will collect information through their own research such as direct observation, staff interviews, business reports, and possibly questionnaires.

By doing this, they will identify different views of the problems and develop ideas of how they may approach a solution. After this time, the consultant will present their findings to you and those involved which may bring up new issues to take into concern.

From the analysis that the consultant will have devised, everyone involved can then agree an action plan. Without going into detail of the action plan, it is important that the it is agreed by everyone otherwise it may not work to its full effectiveness. Remember: you will write the action plan and the consultant is there to advice solutions that may be considered as alternatives to those suggested. It is all part of an attempt to improve your problem solving ability by learning from the consultant.

During the time of NASTAC Consultancy:

Although the consultant will keep you informed of their work, it is important that you find the time to regularly contact the consultant for an update of their progress. This is particularly important if the consultant has made it clear that they work more effectively on his or her own.

The consultant may uncover issues that were not identified during the initial brief and therefore a completely new approach has to be made. In such a case, you have to be sure that yourself, the business, and the consultant has the flexibility of switching tasks at short notice.

NASTAC Consultants can be used not only for those times of problem solving, but also to keep your business pushing forward. Before you use a consultant, you have to be sure that there are no other alternatives for providing a solution as they can be a big responsibility and take time to find.

Make crystal clear everything that you expect from our consultants and be sure that you know what they require from you: remember that they are offering their service so it works both ways.

Give our consultants time to analyze your objectives so that they can understand and relate to them more specifically. We will always ensure that they stick to the task involved and that they do not go off at tangents.

Why use a NASTAC Consultant:

Below are the most common reasons why you should seek a NASTAC Consultant:

- The need for specialist and technical advice for a specific problem.

- To get a task done that requires skills/knowledge that currently is not held by anyone in the business.

- To help make changes and development within the business that requires an independent view and knowledge of how it can be done.

- The previous attempt at solving an issue was not successful.

- To do work that no one else has the time to do.

- A potential funder of the business has asked for extra expertise to be brought in to have confidence that it will be a good investment.

- To provide training.

- To act as a temporary Director or Executive

The Benefits of using a NASTAC Consultant:

There are many benefits that you will get out of using a NASTAC consultant and these may be determined more specifically by the reason you have used them. Below are the more popular benefits that businesses have got from our consultant:

- Business plans will have more direction

- Introduction of new skills/expertise in the workplace

- Targets and objectives are more clear and approachable

- Loose ends of uncompleted jobs have been tied