Optimum utilization of human resources and its development is essential in building and sustaining strong organizations. Organized training department rarely exists, even in large well-established organizations. NASTAC as a training consultant provides a wide range of training consultancy services, including feasibility studies for training projects.

We specialize in:

- Organization Development

- Monitoring and Evaluation

- Software Development

- Facilities Planning and Implementation

- Hardware Planning/Selection/Development and Installation

- Workshops

- Seminars

- Corporate Training

- Counselling Psychology

- Assessment Services

- Testing Services

- Publications including Prospectus, Magazine, News Letters, Wall Papers, Scrap Books, Educational Guides and Teachers Manuals.

- Computerization Of Academic System including Admissions ,Fee, Library, Laboratory and Examination

- Institution management/leadership

- Strategies for raising attainment

- Prevention of institution violence

- Crisis management / contingency planning

- Prevention strategies including peer support; peer mediation; conflict resolution

- Monitoring and evaluation strategies for the head teacher and staff

- Staff review and development

- Systematic self evaluation using performance indicators

- How good is your institution?

- Institution development planning

- Standards and quality reports

- Readiness for institution inspections; standards and quality; care and welfare

- Expert help in any other aspects or areas of concern


Particular Professional Specialization:

- Computing in the Curriculum and in Administration

- Learning, Behaviour and Emotional Support

- Quality Assurance - Evaluation - Staff and Curriculum Development

- Pre-Training Provision

- Community Education

- Modern Languages in Training Organizations


- Ensuring the appropriateness of all documentation

- How good is our school management/leadership?

- Strategies for raising attainment; tracking pupil progress

- School planning including local improvement objectives; action plans

- Role of I C T; the Internet

- School marketing strategies including newsletters, leaflets

- Staff review and development; climate setting

- Managing staff development

- Strategies for involving parents; the community

- School planning


- In-service for all staff in implementing PIs and detailed checklists

- Collecting, interpreting and reporting the results of checklists/PIs

- Monitoring and evaluation strategies for senior staff; classroom observation and feedback

- Standards and quality reports

- Readiness for inspection; care; welfare inspections

- Gathering evidence and organizing data

- Monitoring and improving attendance

- Self-evaluation for the head teacher and staff


- Safety and security

- Personal safety for pupils and staff

- Health education; drugs awareness training

- Anti-bullying strategies; positive behaviour initiatives

- Consultative arrangements for staff

- Pupil Council

- Crisis preparedness; contingency planning; post tragedy management

- Supporting parents, pupils and colleagues

- Role of learning and behaviour support

- How good is our school ethos?

- Peer support and mediation strategies.

Through a combination of the state - of - art technology, sophisticated infrastructure and the most modern teaching techniques NASTAC offers high quality career - oriented courses, affordable to all sections of the society. Covering almost all the training courses in the fields of science & technology , Ordinary and Advanced level studies under one roof has helped NASTAC to gain an upper hand in every field of activity. Our course curricula are tailor-made to meet individual needs of people from all occupations. Quality and Depth have been the watchwords since the inception of our training division.

The training imparted by NASTAC is strictly rooted on the concept of 'Training for Life Itself'. As NASTAC strongly believes that education is the total growth of intellect, character, and strength of mind. Scholastic and non- scholastic subjects are emphasized in equilibrium in the course curriculum, which in turn energizes the students to develop morally and academically and enables them to be in harmony with the rhythm of life.

Following measures have all collectively contributed in setting up a congenial climate for academic excellence, which has ultimately made NASTAC a renowned name among the leading training consultants.

- Application of the latest in teaching methodologies.

- Keeping up with the hot and current miracles in the fields of science & technology.

- Flexible timings to suit individual needs.

- 24-hour lab service equipped with the most modern infrastructure.

- 100% hands on machines.

- On - job training (Special Courses).

- Effective placement cell.

- Excellent carry-home course wares.

- Special research cell consisting of staff, student counsellors, and professionals for evaluation.

- Weekend classes for employees and other professionals

Presently, NASTAC is shouldering the responsibility of being an absolute solution provider in science & technology, education & training, research & development, computers and is all set to meet any requirement in any of these fields.

We are able to offer the learners a learning experience tailored to their personal needs. As a student here, one can have access to excellent facilities, state of the art technology, and experienced specialist staff.