Following are the key areas under which this preliminary report for NASTAC Research Center is prepared.

- Importance

- Location of the research center

- Building

- Security

- Fields of research center

- Facilities in the research center

- Budget

- Management

- Links of the research center


Located near the city but not inside the city will be most feasible. The facilities should be easily accessible by public transport. The location should be uninhabited and the inhabitants should be faraway. Ideal place would be a lush green spot covered with trees. Main site should be the highest region.

Lush green meadow around the center would make it more feasible. The total area of the facility must be covered by presentable boundary. Three fourth of the total area should be left open for plantation and parking. The main covered area of the research center should only cover one fourth of the total area. The building should be constructed in the center. It must be the highest point of the total area and surrounded by the trees and lush greenery.


Total area of the research center should be

- Total covered area 1 km x 1 km

- Parking area 2 km x 2 km

- Green area around the building 7 km x 7 km


Parking covered by a row of trees will be most benefited and ideal for car parking.

Green Area:

Near the boundary long and shady trees will not only provide protection but also offer a healthy environment. As the main building is approached the area covered with tall shady trees should give way to green lush pastures which is ultimately taken over by car parking from all the sides. After the parking all the sides should have scattered trees with grass ground and flower beds. A main garden at the front and gardens between all the blocks will enhance the view. Entire building must be away from the parking lot.


Arranging the building of the research center in blocks is most viable. Building structure should concentrate the admin block in the center and the rest of the blocks around it. Each block must be far apart.

Admin block should face the main entrance. Spacious and grand look of the admin department helps to achieve the most. All the blocks must be linked by covered paths. Each block of the building represents a department but can have one or more departments in it.

Main blocks of the building are:

- Administration Block

- Associated with the administration block are library and research facilitator office along with conference room and other facilities.

- Physics Block

- Chemistry Block

- Computer and Electronic Block

- Machine and Mechanics

- Arms and Ammunition

- Aerospace and Aeronautic

- Social Sciences

- Health and Medicine

- Environment and Agro Sciences

- Energy

- Hostel and Residential Block

- Security

The whole facility of the research center should be properly covered with strong and boundary walls. Beside presentable fence all security facilities should also be present to ensure maximum protection against internal external hazards.

- A good department must have both types of security

- Premises security

- Interdepartmental security

For security a well-organized and well equipped department should be established, task performances by them includes:

- Security of whole premises from external hazards

- Maintenance security equipment.

- Creating preventive measures against fire and other natural disasters.

- Making it possible to secure data and equipment.

Main security department must be established in the administration block and their station would be placed at all necessary zones, These station should properly networked by radio as well as computer network to achieve maximum security.

Interdepartmental security maintains protection in departments and guard sensitive areas. Security also concerns with the structure of the building. The architectural design of the building must reflect it. Careful measure should be taken for maximum security at minimum cost. .


Some of the major fields of research center are:

1. Software

2. Hardware

3. Electrical and Electronic

4. Machine and Mechanics

5. Natural form of Energy

6. Social Sciences

7. Education

8. Electronic Communication

9. Aerospace

10. Aeronautics

11. Health and Medicine

12. Environmental Sciences

13. Artificial Intelligence

Agro Sciences Facilities:

A research center must be facilitated with all kinds of resources. Resources in the form of human, software, hardware, equipment, instruments and of course a premises that can accommodate all these facilities.

A resource in the form of human is the most expensive facility in a research center so all the resources must be gathered or designed in accordance with his need. This will not only increase productivity but also improve his work and helps to achieve the goal easily and quickly.

Facility in research center normally includes:

1. Desired equipment and instruments

2. Proper working environment

3. Qualified researchers and scientists.

4. Research facilitator and supporting staff.

5. Strong Management

6. Libraries and Laboratories.

7. Arms and Ammunition


A strong budget will definitely provide a fertile place to grow. Research demands a huge amount to spend on and without spending research can not be achieved so before going into this thought, one has to be very sure that without spending a huge amount success will only be a dream.

1. The total amount of budget should be divided into three portions.

2. One portion servers as the initial charges for building the entire setup.

3. The second should remain in the bank as a reserve. This will not only fulfil government requirements but ensure stability.

4. The last must be divided in such a way that it covers the three years operational cost. This will include petty cash, staff salaries and funds to run research projects and other day to day expenses.

5. Surviving the initial three-year period will ensure its survival and provide it ample time to be introduced and gain the confidence of people and government for providing research projects to this center.

6. Only a lavish budget will provide a safe passage and open a portal of success.


Sincere, responsible, well learned management act as a backbone for the research center. A strong backbone will strengthen it for a long and successful journey. Every organization requires some form of management. A sound educational base can help to prevent managers from overlooking factors that should be considered in decision-making situations. However, good management is usually a blend of knowledge and experience. Management positions in the firm are often broken down into three levels: upper management, middle management, and lower management. A research centre must have a strong link with different organization, departments and other research facilities. A proper link will not only ease the work but also provide a way to grow and groom.

Some of the important departments needed to be linked by research centers are:

- Universities

- Other Research center

- Army

- Aviation

- Ministries

- Health Departments

- Industries

- Government Agencies

- NGOs

- International organizations

- UN agencies

- Environmental agencies