There may be times during the running of your business that you need extra assistance to take some of the workload off your shoulders. There may even be tasks that you are doing yourself, which you believe are not being done to a good standard because of your lack of expertise in that field. If this is all familiar to you, then you are not alone: many businesses, particularly sole-traders, seek professionals to help assist them with operations in their business. There are many types of professional services that you can use in your business that will assist in different areas.

At NASTAC Professional Services Division, we offer:

Graphic Designing:

If you are using brochures, posters/adverts, logos or any other images, you may consider using a graphic designer to enhance the quality of your designs. This may be important if you intend to sell your product/service by using your logo or trademarks for customers to recognize you by. Further, quality designs in your business will show professionalism and create a good impression to your customers.

Web Development:

If your business is on-line, then the quality of your web site will determine its success. It is therefore important that the presentation, navigation, and interactivity be of good quality. If you are just starting an on-line business or you have decided to use e-commerce to further offer your service, you should consult our web designers to design the basic layout and navigation in order to give it a good start. You may even decide to employ the web designer as an on-going relationship who will be used to maintain your web site periodically.

Virtual Assistant Services:

The term 'virtual assistant' may be new to some people. Businesses use virtual assistants for many reasons ranging from word processing, to telephone answering, to budgeting, to mail management. They act just as a normal administrative assistant would, except that they work from their own office using Communications such as phone, fax, mail, and e-mail to send/receive information to/from you.

The added advantage of using a virtual assistant is that they offer flexible terms i.e. you only pay for the time they are needed or for the service you require. Small businesses in particular can benefit from a virtual assistant due to the small number of employees to delegate tasks to, particularly if you are a sole-trader.

For those businesses that experience regular (or a one-off) periods of heavy pressure due to excessive paper work and tasks, may too require the assistance of an extra body to ease the pressure when time calls.

The alternative to employing a full or part time assistant would be to use a Virtual Assistant.

What can NASTAC Virtual Assistants do for you:

Our VA's can do anything that an administrative assistant can do (except for making coffee and licking stamps!). The examples below are only a small proportion of the duties performed by a VA: they can provide an extensive range of assistance that covers just about anything that you may require.

- Word Processing - letters, business plans, invoices, contracts, manuals, etc

- Telephone Assistance - answering, making out-going calls, etc

- Billing & Collection Service - pay your bills, collect money owed to you, etc

- Database Assistance - managing mailing lists, customer accounts, etc

- Accounting - bookkeeping, reports, bank account management, etc

- Event Management - arrange meetings/conferences, book hotels/flights, etc

- Mail Management - sort and reply to mail and e-mails

- Research Assistance - research projects and report back findings

- Web Site Maintenance - update search engine bids, web page changes, etc

- Reminder Services - impress your wife: remember your anniversary (via your VA!)

Benefits of using a NASTAC Virtual Assistant:

There are many reasons why using a VA is beneficial. Here are just a few of them:

- They are orientated to meet your personal needs

- They treat your business as if it was their own i.e. become very involved

- Minimal training required

- You only pay for their time and materials used: you are not liable to pay tax, national insurance costs, and benefits, as you would when taking on a new employee.

- You have the peace of mind that any deadlines will be met

- You will not have to make room in the office for an extra person, or relocate completely if it was necessary!

Software and Project Development:

Computers have today turned out to be an integral part of every business establishment. Though the problems connected with business are on the increase, computers have made their solution a speedy affair. NASTAC Professional Services Division has successfully undertaken numerous Software Development Projects.

When any customer makes a request for assistance, from NASTAC our service team is promptly at their service.

The different phases of our service include:

- Preliminary Investigation

The first and foremost activity is the Preliminary Investigation, which is a detailed and comprehensive study of the system.

- Determination of System Requirements

The heart of systems analysis is a detailed understanding of all the important facts of the business area under investigation. To attain this objective, tools like data flow diagram, interviews, on-site observations, questionnaire etc. are used. Detailed investigations require the study of manuals and reports too.

- Design of System

This phase includes input designing, database designing etc. The documents containing the design specification portray the design in different ways like charts, tables, special symbols etc. The detailed design information is passed on to the programming team for the purpose of software development.

- Development of Software
The actual coding takes place during this phase. There is documentation of programs, which help in de-bugging and maintenance.

- System Testing and Debugging

This phase can further be sub-divided into two:

- Alpha testing, which is the testing of raw data or sample data?

- Beta testing, which is the testing of actual business data.

- Implementation, Evaluation and Maintenance

After the successful completion of system testing, the new software is installed at the user's site. The end users are also given proper in-house training for the use of the software. This phase also concentrates on maintenance. Maintenance is necessary to eliminate errors in the system during its working life and to tune the system to variations in its working environment. A one-year warranty is ensured from the date of installation.

Professional Support Services:

You should use professional assistance whenever you feel it is necessary to complete tasks that you do not have the skills/knowledge for or if advice is required to help, you progress to a more confident decision/action. Our services can also be used to give your a more professional image which is considered more highly by those on the receiving end.

When you have recognized the need for professional assistance, you should choose a service appended below that is best suited to your specific business and need or our experts can advice you.

- Word Processing

- Transcript Development

- Data Entry

- Editing

- OCR Scanning and Correction Services

- Proof Reading

- Technical Script Writing

- Product Design and Development

- Consultation Services and Technical Assistance in any Area of Need, especially in Applied Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine), Information and Communication Technology, and Engineering.

- Academic, Technical and Business Writing

- Custom Research

- Critical Analysis and Evaluation

- Editing

- Desktop Publishing

- Product Literature.

- Interpretation and Translation, etc.

- Analyses in Public Policy

- Socio-Economic Studies

- Historical and Philosophical Essays

- Position Papers

- Grant Proposals

- Business Plans

- Market Studies and Surveys

- Marketing Campaigns

- Management and Leadership Studies

- Social Science Research

- Outcomes and Performance Measurements
- Total Quality Assessments

- Training and Development Materials

- Information and Communications Systems Management.

- Professional, Scientific, Technical, and Academic Articles

- Proposals

- Reports

- Reviews

- Essays

- Speeches

- Columns

- Critical Analyses.

- Creative Writing

- Ghost-writing

- Short Stories

- Novels

- Novellas

- Plays

- Screenplays

- Scripts

- Videos & Multimedia Productions

- Documentaries

- Critical Art and Culture Reviews

You should not use the cheapest assistance you can find, as most people will argue that you pay for what you get, so value the importance of your issue accordingly. Professional assistance is paid for, more commonly on an hourly, weekly, and monthly basis many ways.

Do not be confused with others presenting similar services. This is real and nothing else can compare. We stand by that and we are here to help and support you along the way.

We have excellent communication and organisational skills and ability to handle multiple tasks and priorities. We are dependable, trustworthy, able to meet deadlines.