In Research & Development:

Our goal is to offer clients the best possible services according to their specifications and requirements at a very competitive price within an agreed upon period. Moreover, most importantly, we seek to create and maintain a friendly and human rapport, which makes it possible to have close collaborations and regular communications with our clients, if they so choose.

Strength lies in our ability to mobilize some of the most expert and knowledgeable consultants in their respective fields. By virtue of their extensive and diverse (individual and combined) professional experiences, we are proud to be able to guarantee quality work and satisfaction a timely and cost-effective way to our clients.

Specialty is in the interpretation of professional and technical terminology and jargon into easily understood, yet accurate, laypersonís language, and vice-versa (if required). Our consultants are usually native speakers of the languages (i.e., English, Urdu, French, Spanish, and German) in which they offer their services, and could well be located in the areas or countries from which our clients come. The virtual nature of NASTAC gives it an added advantage especially. When, in addition to online services and transactions, the client requires direct on-site visits or face-to-face consultations. We take on both short term and long term along the main axes outlined above, and are prepared to accommodate our clients from beginning to end, provided we are given adequate time.

Usual and target clients are from various sectors of society and various countries around the world. They include individuals and professionals from all occupations, academic and research institutions, educators, public entities, government agencies, small and medium size businesses and corporations in the private sector, foundations, research institutes, think tanks, non-profit organizations, professional and trade associations, other consulting firms, start-ups, etc.

Staff, Consultants, Experts, Researchers and Writers include: Academics in a variety of fields, Natural and Medical Scientists, Engineers, Computer Scientists, Programmers, Software Developers, Communications, Management Experts, Information Technology Specialists, Policy Analysts, Philosophers, Theologians, Lawyers, Economists, Social Scientists, Sociologists, Anthropologists, Psychologists, Professional Fiction and Technical Writers, Artists, Journalists, Business Men and Women, Educators and Trainers, Editors, Interpreters, Translators, Desktop Publishers, Film and Video Producers, and various other contractual consultants.

Our expertise includes the following knowledge-clusters:

- Industrial Software, Simulator Designing, Computer Interfacing

- Interdisciplinary Studies of Science and Technology, Philosophy/History of Science, Bio-technology Assessment, Bio-Engineering, Biomedical Research, Molecular Biology, Life Sciences, Materials Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, etc.

- Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies, Linguistics, Philosophy of Language, Traditional and Alternative Logic's, Computer Science, Programming, Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, Internet and Web-related Transactions, etc.

- Social Science Research: Design, Methodology, Analysis, and Interpretation --Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches, Sociology, Anthropology, Statistics, Modelling, Community Development Consulting, etc.

- Business and Management Services, Economics of Development, Social and Political Philosophy, Political Science, International Affairs --with a special focus on the Middle East, Central and East Asia, Eastern Europe (e.g., Newly Independent States), Africa, and Latin America, etc.

- Psychology (Clinical/Experimental/Philosophical), Philosophy Practice, Mental and Behavioural Sciences, Traditional and Alternative Therapies, Cognitive Sciences, Neuro sciences, Philosophy of Mind, etc.

- Public Policy, Public Affairs, Applied Philosophy: Education, Advocacy, Law, Legislative Consulting, Government and Politics, Environment, Business, Management and Leadership, Science and Technology, Human Rights, Poverty and Economic Justice, Community Initiatives, Health/Healthcare, Biomedical Ethics, etc. Applied Ethics, Value Theory, Philosophical Counselling, etc.

- Education, Philosophy, History, Anthropology, Literature, and other areas in the Humanities and the Arts, etc.