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a non commercial self financed public service project for dissemination of knowledge.

This online magazine carries forty five sections. From health to looks, kitchen to garden, movies to models; our magazine covers it all through the expertise of qualified professionals all over the world. We have our team of professional writers in Pakistan, America, Argentine, India ,United Kingdom and Dubai who help decorate our magazine with their intellect. It is worth mentioning that 'Intellect' online family magazine is a self-financed project for dissemination of knowledge. This magazine is an international standard serial registered at Paris. We publish monthly online, print and CD versions.


Pakistan's first web publication on classical music for educational purpose.

a non commercial self financed public service project for dissemination of knowledge.

Pakistan's first & the most comprehensive site about classical music for everyone interested in knowing and learning this art. We live in times where the true vision of art and the spiritual quality of life are nearly missing. The younger generations are rowing up on Oreo breakfast cereals and rap music. It is time to restore truth, art and beauty, and to give to our children the cultural nourishment they desperately need. We invite you to take the time to visit this web site to learn more about the great music of our world. Learn historical development of all genres of classical music from origin, during the Vedic period to modern day and the basics of classical music, Swara, Scales, Raaga, Time & Rhythm, Taala, Compositions and Structure of Concerts. List of Hindustani and Pakistani raagas with their characteristics. Classical Glossary or Urdu Dictionary. Discover everything you wanted to know bout your favourite artists , gharanas with profiles, articles, reviews and images. Details about great Pakistani and Hindustani composers their profiles, articles on them and their most important compositions. Read about the instruments used in Pakistani and Hindustani classical music and their most famous exponents.



a non commercial self financed public service project for dissemination of knowledge  

He is Allah, there is no God but Him, Allah has said ask from Me through mentioning My names...Hadith Qudsi. We welcome you to this site and invite you to bless yourself with the essence of Names of Allah. There are neither ninety-nine nor thousand Names of Allah. He knows the exact number of His Names. This site is divided into three sections, Home Page, Foreword, List/Details. Foreword contains the introduction to Names of Allah in the light of Hadith Qudsi and Sharia. List/Details carries the list of Names of Allah and each Name is linked to a separate page that has the detailed explanation of that Name and the usage. You are humbly requested to go through this site; every page of it contains blessings for you, your friends, and your family. May Allah bless you with years of happy, healthy, and prosperous life.